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The obligation to carry out seismic vulnerability in relation to the consequences of a possible collapse is governed by the Order of the President of the Council of Ministers n. 3274 of March 20, 2003 "First elements regarding the general criteria for the seismic classification of the national territory and technical regulations for constructions in seismic areas", subsequently modified and integrated with the Ordinance of PCM n. 3316 of 2.10.2003, which provides for the seismic verification of strategic and relevant buildings and infrastructures according to priority criteria to be established by the State (Department of Civil Protection) and the Regions.

The technical checks are conducted in compliance with the current Technical Regulations, or the Ministerial Decree of 14.01.2018 and the relative circular; each region then draws up a list of strategic and relevant buildings in relation to the consequences of a possible collapse.

The obligation is valid for both "private" owners and "Public Bodies" and is mandatory for properties prior to 1984 with at least 100 employees and for commercial areas exceeding 5,000 square meters regardless of the number of employees. The need then remains, for certain situations, to secure the building.

The accumulated years of experience have made us a point of reference for: Assessment of seismic vulnerability;
Design, Works Management and eventual testing of interventions from safety to seismic adjustment; Preparation of the preliminary investigation procedure for obtaining tax relief.