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Respecting the prescriptions contained in the NTC 2018 "Technical Standards for Construction" we propose ourselves for:
• Design • Verification • Validation • Static testing • Technical administrative testing • Bridge Certification • Seismic Vulnerabilities • Safety Implementation
We use the most modern modelling and calculation software for any type of structure regardless of the material it will be made up of and the civil, industrial or construction sector of use; we boast decades of experience in the design and verification of complex steel and cap structures. A typological example of our work concerns, for example, tanks - steel warehouses - special foundations - bridges and viaducts - reinforced concrete structures - underpasses - buildings in structure mixed or framed - nailed walls.
What is proposed can be in compliance with the regulations of other states, be they European or non-European.

With the sole purpose of guaranteeing to the Client that the execution of the works commissioned by it is carried out in a workmanlike manner with the certainty of conformity of the materials used, we assume the following tasks:
• Works Management
• Structural Works Management
• Testing static during construction and final
• Technical Administrative Testing
• Verifications for validation purposes
• Assistance to the RUP
• General Contractor

We can carry out any service and assignment indicated without generating conflict of interest and therefore in full compliance with the Regulations as internally our structure operates several specialised professionals.