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The purpose of the Expediting activity - or work progress monitoring - is to verify that the suppliers comply with the requirements of the customer's order, respecting the terms and delivery times.

The objective of this activity is to examine in depth all aspects of the supply, to suggest possible constructive solutions in order to respect delivery times and finally inform the customer promptly about the actual situation of the order progress.

The task of the expediter is to monitor the progress of the production process at the supplier, and the progress of the order, verifying the quality, compliance with the requirements, and compliance with the established deadlines. In this way the expediter ensures that the required products arrive on time, on the sites and with the expected qualitative contents.

Our company, through its technical engineers, offers itself specifically for:

• Production control: the expediter checks that the production process complies with the standards (qualitative, mandatory, environmental ..) of the country for which the goods are destined

• Quality control: the functioning of the components is checked against the specific requests, both in terms of measurements, both in terms of compliance with customer standards

• Control of packaging and shipping: this represents the most used level of expediting, which simply involves a visual inspection of the goods and a verification of compliance with the packaging and shipping specifications

• Verification of compliance with the deadlines and milestones of the project, ensuring compliance with the deadlines. In this way, he monitors the crucial aspects of the supply.