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The study of the nature of soils and rocks is at the base of the structure or infrastructure design activity as it allows to define the structure and physical and mechanical properties of the part of the subsoil affected by the artefacts and affects the different phases of the project and of the construction, from the conception of the work to the control of its behaviour, once built.

The geological and geotechnical investigations are becoming increasingly important in the context of all the experts, the designers, sensitised by an increasingly rigorous and precise legislation, up to the scholars, who have enriched the design of very advanced methodological and technological contents: the means of investigation have been strengthened to arrive at a determination of the mechanical behaviour of soils and rocks adapted to the numerous models available.

Our organisation independently conducts such investigations, except for the execution of the tests subjected to specific ministerial authorisation for which it makes use of trusted laboratories, and to the subsequent modelling phase so as to internalise the whole process thus having constant control.