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BRICS CAD PRO Software for 2D and 3D graphic design, number 2 licenses

MIDAS GEN FX PLUS Software ModelLing, Design and Verification

MIDAS GEN PLUS Software Modelling, Design and Verification

AUTODESK ROBOT STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS PROFESSIONAL Structural calculation software specialised for steel

AXIS VM13 RELEASE 2 INTER-CAD Structural calculation software with Finite Element method specialised for steel

GEOSTRU LOADCAP, MP, MDC AND BOXES Software for simple and special foundations (poles / micropiles) and geotechnics

GEO5 2016 EARTH PRESSURE Software for checking soil-structure pressures

EDILUS CA, STEEL AND WOOD AND EDILUS MU Specialised structural calculation software for ca and masonry

3MURI STA DATA Structural calculation software with Finite Elements method for masonry

MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 Suite Reporting software - spreadsheets - presentations

CERTUS AND PRIMUS PRO AND CAD OF ACCA SOFTWARE Suite of PSC-POS-PSS and for the preparation of accounting number 2 licenses

IDEA STATICA STEEL CONNECTION Software to check steel nodes

ZWCAD 2018 STD Software for graphic design number 9 licenses

AUTOCAD ARCHITECTURE 2009 Software for graphic design

AUTOCAD ARCHITECTURE 2008 Software for graphic design

AUTOCAD LT 2000 Graphic design software

SKETCH-UP Software for rendering

SISMICAD with use BIM - structural calculation software with finite elements

BEAM PLANTS software for structural plants by Sismicad

BULKCAD software for calculating bulkheads

BEAMCAD software for calculating beams and floors

SLOPECAD software for slope stability verification

PRESFLE software for checking sections in reinforced concrete at bending

WALLCAD software for calculating retaining walls

WOOD STRUCTURE software for wooden structures

COMPUTO software to process Sismicad elements

PLICAD software for the calculation of foundation plinths

THERMOCAD software for fire verification of structures

PRECAD SOLAI software for floors in reinforced concrete

HARPACEAS PARATIE software for bulkhead calculation

CONNETPRO STANDARD software for wood floors / concrete

DISCAV 3D software for topographic processing and earth movement calculation

DC NAIL software nailed walls calculation

WINSOLAI software for calculating slabs

BLUMATICA APE editorial software and energy consumption report L.10

STR VISION software for metric calculations

MANAGEMENT AQUEST software for internal documentation management





5 Laptop

LEICA D810 Professional digital laser Disto with remote measurements from images

LEICA DISTO D3 Laser distance meter

LEICA DISTO D1 Laser distance meter

LEICA DISTO PRO4 Laser distance meter


PROCEQ N-34 Schmidt type sclerometer number 2

PROFOSCOPE + Professional pacometer for identifying reinforcements and relative diameters

BOSCH D30 Construction site pacometer

HT6 Professional digital hardness tester for steel and bars

NIKON D700 Professional full frame camera

ZEISS Z.2 (21 mm - 35 mm - 100 mm) NIKON 80 - 200 mm SIGMA 100 - 300 mm Professional optics

PEUGEOT EXPERT PREMIUM of 2017 Truck 35 Quintals set up and equipped mobile workshop

MAKITA and ELU Medium and heavy professional breakers (8 and 12 Kg)

TIPS AND CHISELS for breakers and manuals for targeted galls

HUSQWARNA Frame core drilling machine with controlled torque control and controlled water supply

HUSQWARNA D 80 and D 100 450 mm diamond core bits for core drilling approx

HONDA PM 7000 Electric generator (220 V and 380 V) with 7.5 Kw / h trolley

BOSCH Endoscopic machine with fibre optic probe up to 4 meters for internal wall inspections

BOSCH Perforating tips for endoscopes with length up to 1 meter of various diameters and for all materials from MAKITA AND BOSCH Flexible and professional grinders

Scaffolding, scaffolding and professional stairs for heights up to 12 m

Various equipment for structural and architectural restoration

Boat with electric motor and petrol engine and all accessories for surveying in the water

GPS-GLONASS TOPCON HIPER HR System for topographic surveys (l1-l2) complete with all accessories

GPS-GLONASS TOPCON HIPER II System for topographic surveys (l1-l2) complete with all accessories

TOPCON GPT 9003 Total robotic station

GEOTECH M32 Optical level

TOPCON DL-501 Electronic level with 0.3 mm precision

Stadia Invar bar coded;

Tricuspid, various tripods, compasses, stakes of all kinds, prism rods, prisms, etc.;