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Boasting decades of experience, we are able, in the respect of confidentiality, to prepare for Public and Private Bodies:

• Analysis of tenders and projects;
• Study and elaboration of projects for improvement surveys or variants;
• Analysis and development of metric calculations;
• Definition of times and methods;
• Development of construction site programs with related requirements;
• Analysis of quoted works with exposure to prime costs;
• Control of management of preventive / final orders;

In the field of Infrastructural Works and Civil Construction we can support the Company by assisting the Technical Department or, if necessary, taking on the task of Technical Direction or Site Manager, guaranteeing the required objectives after a careful feasibility analysis.

The willingness to take on the Technical Management or the Construction Management allows our customers to be more competitive by reducing the fixed costs and possibly linking the financial commitment to the achievement of the company's objectives.

The services described can also be used to enrich the skills of the Company's internal staff.